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Our blueberry  muffin candles are perfect for gifting or as a conversation piece for your own home.  Place in a rustic basket and put on your counter top or table.  These also look fantastic on a pedestal cake plate.   Please read the burning tips below. 


You will receive 1 muffin candle in your choice of scent. 


Scent Choices


*Be sure to burn on a fire safe pillar plate
*When buning for the first time, be sure to burn almost all the way
  to the edges of the candle.  Blow candle out a mold warm sides in to 
  form a "cup" to hold the melted wax so it does not drip.
*Never leave a burning candle unattended
*Keep out of reach of children and animals



Blueberry Muffin Candles

Out of Stock
    • Handmade item
    • Materials: ParaffinWax, Fragrance Oil, Dye
    • 3.25" High by 3" Wide
    • Each Candle Weighs 7 Ounces
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