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This new rustic cinnamon potpourri is not only wonderfully fragrant but makes a very unique scented home accent and conversation piece. Cinnamon sticks and rose hips are scented with our cinnamon country spice fragrance oil. We have added 3 cini mini wax tart melts and two mini wooden rolling pins.  You will receive two cups of potourri. 

Set it out in a vintage bowl or basket. Remove the wax tart melts and wooden rolling pin if you want to simmer the potpourri. 

This makes the perfect teacher's gift or housewarming gift.

How to enjoy your potpourri


Simmering Potpourri
Add approximately ¼ cup of potpourri to an old pan or electric simmering pot. Cover with water and simmer, do not bring to a full boil. Keep an eye on the water level. Add more when necessary.
*Place water and potpourri in a jar when done simmering. Store in the refrigerator until ready to simmer it again. This will prevent mold from forming.
*If you want to get the most use from your simmering potpourri, you can drain the water lay out on a cookie sheet and dry the potpourri in the oven when done. When dry store in a jar with a cover. Reuse when ready. When the scent fades, add a few drops of our refresher oil and it will be ready to simmer again.

Decorative Potpourri
Maine Scents and Seasons potpourri are also beautiful and fragrant sitting out in decorative or vintage bowl or basket. When fragrance fades, add a few drops of refresher oil.
*Our potpourris also look great as part of a candle display. For example, put your candles on a beautiful plate and surround with potpourri.

Home Fragrance Tip
Purchase candles, potpourri and wax melts in the same or complimenting scents. Burn in different areas of your house to make your whole house smell fantastic.

Cinnamon Kitchen Simmering or Decorative Potpourri

Thank you. We will restock as soon as possible.
    • Handmade item
    • Materials: Wax Melts, Mini Wooden Rolling PIns, Spices, Fragrance Oil, Wood Fixative, 
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