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Coastal Rose  reminds us of Rosa Rugosa also known as Beach Rose.  Beach rose is a perennial, deciduous woody shrub that forms dense, multi-stemmed plants that can grow to a height of five feet. Sweet smelling flowers, two to three inches in diameter, emerge all summer long. Flowers can be white, pink or purple with yellow stamens in the center.  It has been used as an ornamental in landscapes, and to provide stabilization of sand dunes.


This is a very light rose scent with salty accords that mix to make the perfect beachy rose.   

Candle - 10 oz (Nt. Wax Wt.)
Wax Melt - 3 oz -

Room Spray - 4 fl. oz
Reed Diffuser - 4 oz comes with 6 reeds
Goat Milk Soap - 3.5 oz bar (Detergent free, Non GMO)

Coastal Rose Scented Products - Wholesale

  • Note Profile:

    Top: Ozone, Mandarin
    Middle: Rose, Lily
    Base: Powder, Amber, Honey

    All our fragrance oils are pthalate, toxin and paraben free. 


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