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Bring the outside in with this textured and fragrant potpourri inspired by the heavily forested interior that makes up much of Maine.  Cedar tips and balsam fir add the beautiful green.  The white of the birch bark adds contrast and the rich red of the rose hips adds more color.  Small pinecones and acorns pull in some great texture.  This beautiful mixture is pulled together with our proprietary Maine woods oil.  This special fragrance oil is pthalate free and is infused with natural essential oils including balsam fir oil.   Your package will include a two (2) cup bags of potpourri and you have the option of adding a one ounce bottle of refresher oil.  Just add  a couple of drops when the aroma begins to fade, give it a stir and enjoy.


NOTE: Maine Woods is formulated as a decorative potpourri and looks great in a rustic wooden bowl or a vintage basket.


CAUTION: The vendors that I purchase some of my potpourri ingredients from packages them on machines that also package peanuts and tree nuts.

Maine Woods Potpourri 4 Cups

    • Handmade Item. Made in Maine
    • Materials: Cedar Tips, Pine Cones, Acorns, Birch Bark, Juniper Berries, Rose Hips, Curly Pods and Fragrance Oil.
    • Packaging: Our potpourri is packaged in kraft brown bags that a recloseable. 
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