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Maine Woods scented products are fresh, woodsy and earthy.  The mild citrus tops notes keep it from being to piney and give it a softer touch.  More like the fresh smell of the woods after it has rained.   This scent is our top seller and our customers love it year round. 


Candle - 10 oz (Nt. Wax Wt.)
Wax Melt - 3 oz - Contains real balsam fir.

Room Spray - 4 fl. oz
Goat Milk Soap - 4 oz net wt.
Diffuser Oil - 4 fl. oz
Potpourri - 3 Cups cedar tips, rose hips, curly pods, birch bark, acorns, pinecones,
Potpourri Refresher Oil - 1 oz

Maine Woods Scented Products

  • Note Profile:
    Top: Lemon Peel, Cypress
    Middle: Evergreen, Cedar
    Base: Fir, Amber, Moss

    All our fragrance oils are pthalate, toxin and paraben free. 


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