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We have chosen all-natural, responsibly harvested rattan for our reeds.  Natural rattan makes the best diffuser reeds. Ours are larger and are 3mm in diameter, this ensures the best wicking" of reed diffuser oil. The slightly wider reed also helps get thicker fragrances "airborne".


Our reeds have a  sharp, clean-cut, so the 20+ cells that make up the reed do not get compressed and aren’t able to carry the fragrance to the top of the reed. Our reeds are precision-cut on specialized equipment to ensure a clean cut every time and allow the reed to diffuse lots of fragrance.


Rattan Reeds

  • Add reeds to 4 0z of diffuser fragrance base in a 6 to 8 oz glass jar with a narrow neck.  If you are fragrancing a large room or like a stronger scent add more reeds (6-8).   Fewer reeds if you like a milder scent or the room is smaller.  Fan out the reeds.

    Flip the reeds every two weeks or so.  Be careful when flipping that you do not spill oil on your furniture.

    It will take 24-48 hours for the oil to travel up and the reed and fully scent your room.  




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