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Purchase a bundle and save $8-$13.  Plus a free gift bag, tissue paper and note card or gift tag to make giving as a gift so easy!

Choose either the colorful flowered bags or the gray and white bags. 


The following bundles include: (Sel De Mer, White Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Lemongrass)
 Candle, Wax Melt, Room Spray and Goat Milk Soap REG: $42.00  BUNDLE PRICE $34


(Peppermint and Eucalyptus, Cucumber Water and Melon, Lemongrass and Lime and Waterfall)
Candle, Wax Melt, Reed Diffuser, Room Spray, Goat Milk Soap REG $66.00 BUNDLE PRICE $53.00.


See the individual scent listings for a description of each scent.


SAVE With Bundles

    Materials: Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil, Soy Coconut Wax, Cotton Wick
    Wax Net Wt. 9 oz
    Vessel: 13 oz Straight sided tumbler jar

    Materials: Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil, Soy Blend Wax
    Wax Net Wt. 2.6 oz

    WAX: We use a blend of soy and coconut wax. It burns clean and throws the scent beautifully.

    RO/DI Water, DEG Monobuytl Ether, Antioxidants, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil
    Our natural odor eliminating room spray is purely water-based, utilizing reverse osmosis and deionization technology, and formulated to effectively neutralize and remove offensive back odors.

    Materials: Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base, Mango Butter, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil.

    Our EcoBase™ Diffuser Solution is:
    Di Propylene Glycol (DPG) free
    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compliant in all 50 states
    Made with 50.1% renewable resources
    100% biodegradable

    Many reeds on the market are not cut in a clean manner with a sharp blade. Without a sharp, clean-cut, the 20+ cells that make up the reed collapse and aren’t able to carry the fragrance to the top of the reed. The reeds we chose are precision-cut on specialized equipment to ensure a clean cut every time and allow the reed to throw lots of fragrance. These all-natural rattan reeds are made from responsibly harvested rattan that makes the best diffuser reed. Ours are wider, 3 mm in diameter, for maximum flow or "wicking" of reed diffuser oil. The slightly wider reed also helps get thicker fragrances up the reed and into the air.

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