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Gardening, trips to the lake and the coast, blueberry raking and strawberry picking. That's summer in Maine.  


Candle scents to choose from:
Bold Coast
Coastal Rose
Fresh Strawberries
Garden  Mint
Maine Blueberries
Rosemary Sage
Sand Beach
Sea Cottage
Sea Mist


Sold in packs of 6
MSRP - $16-$18


Beach Wood:  Earth meets sea with our refreshing Beachwood scented candles, wax melts and room and linen sprays.  Beachwood combines woodsy and marine notes into an elegant, aquatic accord. Sea salt, orange peel, grass. sage and eucalyptus are the mid notes.   Moss, teakwood, and patchouli make up the base notes.

Bold Coast -   Salty oceanic accords combine with dark musk and sandalwood to create this balanced, airy scent.  Bold coast is loved by both men and women.

Coastal Rose -  This scent is named after the Beach Rose (Rosa Rigosa) also known as Salty Rose and Wild Rose.  It grows wild in Maine especially along the coast.  Coastal rose combines top notes of sweet mandarin and wildflower honey with middle notes of lily and rose to create a beautiful airy, floral fragrance. Hints of woody amber and powder in the base provide a rich, earthy balance to the clean floral notes. Orange and lemon essential oils enhance the bright freshness of this ozonic fragrance.  Enjoy candles, melts, reed diffusers, room sprays, soaps and solid lotion bars in this gorgeous scent.

Fresh Strawberries - Ripened strawberry balanced with fresh green notes.  Soft musky base notes are balanced with a sugary touch to complete a sweet ripe fruity scent experience. 

Garden Mint - If you are looking for an energizing herbal scent, Garden Mint fits the bill.  A fresh herbal garden growing in the sun.  Cool eucalyptus, crisp spearmint, and green tomato leaf open this herbaceous scent.  Base notes of sweet anise,  powder and wood round out the fragrance.   A true-to-life green fragrance perfect for spring and summer.

Maine Blueberries - The wild blueberry, sometimes called the low-bush blueberry, is native to Maine and thrives in its glacier-churned soil and challenging seasons.   It is the official state fruit of Maine.   Just a touch of vanilla is added to the tart berry for a bit of sweetness.  Maine Blueberries is perfect for blueberry lovers and those that love Maine.

Rosemary Sage - Rosemary Sage is another of our herbaceous summer scents.  A fan favorite.  Nots of  eucalyptus, pine, fresh green florals, rosemary,  sage and cedar.  Available in candles, wax melts, soap and room and linen sprays.  This is a best seller in our goat milk soap.  

Sea Cottage - Sea Cottage is a beautiful and calming scent.  It includes notes of linen, sea salt, moss and powder.  One of our best selling coastal scents. Especially in our soap and solid lotion bars. 

Sea Mist - Notes of citrus, sea salt, ozone, jasmine, lilac, orange blossom, amber and tonka.  All of this together adds an airy quality to this oceanic scent.  Available in candles, wax melts, and reed diffusers, room and linen spray, soap and solid lotion bars.

Summer Candles - Wholesale

  • Safety and Success Tips

    The first time you burn your candle, be sure to burn until the melt pool reaches all the way around the circumference of the candle.  This will prevent it from tunneling down the middle.  

    -Please do not "Power Burn".   Power burning is when one burns a candle for more than 4 hours.  This can cause the melt pool of liquid wax to get to deep and hot.   Many customers like to have a candle going all the time while they are home.  We suggest blowing out the candle that has been burning for a long time and then light another candle.

    -Keep your cotton wicks trimmed to 1/4" at all times and your wooden wicks trimmed to 1/8".   If the flame gets too big it will burn your candle faster and can be dangerous. If you see it getting to big, just blow out the candle, trim the wick and relight.

    -Be sure your candle's melt pool is always free of wick trimmings, matches etc.  

    -Keep out of reach of children and pets at all times.

    -Never leave a burning candle unattended.

    -Burn your candle on a heat safe surface and keep away from flammable objects such as curtains, paper and linens etc.

    -Please do not attempt to move a candle that has been burning for awhile.  The container and wax can get very hot.

    Following these simple guidelines will allow you to enjoy your candle and will keep you and your loved ones safe.

    Thank you for supporting our family business

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